Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Pricing for DVDs and Digital+DVD packages reflects a $5 flat rate shipping charge. Please allow up to 8 weeks for order fulfilment. 

Download links will be sent out at the same time as physical DVDs, by email to the address from which the download was purchased.

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Video orders are due 3 weeks after the performance date. To order a DVD past the due date, please use the “BACT Previous Videos” order button on the bottom of this page.

BACT Footloose at Osher

BACT Footloose performing at Osher Studios 10/24

BACT Aladdin at Sunnyvale

BACT Aladdin performing at Sunnyvale 12/19-12/20

BACT Alice in Wonderland at California Theatre

BACT Alice in Wonderland performing at the California Theater 12/14


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