A flashy little unit that packs a powerful punch, the Dataflash AF1000 features technical advances that place it in a class by itself. This individually addressable strobe can be used in a variety of settings to simulate lightning or as a continuous illumination source. It features an advanced xenon flash lamp system and multiple ultra high-power flash heads that can be controlled by any DMX source. Regulate rate, duration and intensity remotely with full DMX-512 remote control. Trigger several simultaneously for powerful white light flashes that simulate lightning storms.



• Fixture available in yoke mounted weatherized or non-weatherized versions
• Will emit light continuously. Output varies by duration.
• 64 levels of intensity (dimming), 64 levels of rate and 64 levels of duration are provided
• Personality switch setting and selection of flash tube enables stand alone, standard, architectural, or special effect operation
• Up to 512 fixtures may be individually addressed
• Quick lamp replacement
• 3-phase system capability
• Self resetting thermal shutdown
• Adjustable current consumption
• 3-pin XLR connector

• Lamp: H01 or S01 Xenon flashtube
• Color temp: 8000° K
• Output: lumens (at max)
• Lamp life:
Standard setting:
2 million flashes @ 30 Joules (S01 lamp)
Architectural setting:
8 million flashes @ 30 Joules (H01 lamp)
Special effect setting:
4 million flashes @ 60 Joules (H01 lamp)

• Spare flash tubes available in 2 types, depending on the application:
single coil, quartz, xenon high power (HO1), or single coil, hard glass,
xenon (SO1). Each tube is mounted on an international octal base.
• Horizontal and axial reflectors available as accessories
• Different colored domes are available as optional accessories:
clear, red, blue, violet and green

• Length: 241mm (9.5in.)
• Depth: 213mm (8.4in.)
• Weight: 1.9kg (4.2lbs.)