Lycian 1266 FollowspotA gloriously bright 400W HTI source in an economical package.  For short to medium throw applications (up to 150′).  The Lycian SuperArc 400 is truly unique in a world of ever-more-specialized lighting instruments.  This compact powerhouse is ideally suited to nearly all applications.  As a front-of-house instrument, the SuperArc 400 can give you a powerful, tight head at 200 feet.  As an on-stage followspot, this amazing, compact unit can flood the stage at throws as short as 20 feet.

• Rated for 400 watts (metal halide)
• Uses HTI lamp  (400w, 5,600K, 250 hr)
• Automatic, self-cancelling color boom (six color slots)
• One-handle zoom spot size control automatically increases brightness with decreasing spot size from full flood to spot
• Horizontal trim shutters
• Nichrome heavy duty iris
• Balanced for perfect weight distribution at any angle
• Vertical tilt angle of 70° below horizontal and 50° above
• Lycian model no.  1266

Categories: Follow Spots