Customer must show evidence of insurance coverage by providing a Certificate of Insurance from a qualified provider listing Desired Effect, LLC. as ‘loss payee’ or ‘additional insured’ with appropriate terms and conditions. 

A valid Certificate of Insurance with the following coverage is required to qualify:

• $1,000,000 General Liability Policy with Desired Effect, LLC named as ‘Additional Insured’

• $1,000,000 personal injury limits (per-occurrence) with Desired Effect, LLC named as ‘Additional Insured’

This policy must remain in force for the entire length of your rental or until you return the equipment to us, whichever is later.  All insurance policies shall contain endorsements requiring the applicable insurers to send Desired Effect, LLC 30 day written notice of the cancellation or termination of any insurance policy during the term of the event.

Commercial general liability insurance shall include independent contractor and contractual liability coverage. Desired Effect, LLC shall be named an additional insured. Such insurance shall include broad-form contractual liability, personal injury liability, completed operations, and products liability, with minimum $1,000,000 general aggregate limits, minimum $1,000,000 personal injury limits (per-occurrence), and minimum $1,000,000 advertising injury limits (per-occurrence). Any such policy must expressly state that it is primary coverage as to all insureds, and that their policy limits must be paid out prior to any obligation arising under any other insurance policy, including those maintained by Lessor.

The Named Insured must match the name on the contract, regardless of company ownership.

(Example: John Doe owns companies A and B. An insurance certificate that lists company A only as the named insured will not be accepted for company B’s rentals).

In addition, one of the following is required:

Coverage for loss or damage of “Rented Equipment In-Transit & Various Locations” with Desired Effect, LLC named as the ‘Loss Payee’ on the Certificate of Insurance. This coverage must be for at least the full replacement value of the equipment rented from us with a maximum deductible of $1,500. 

Property coverage may come in the forms as follows: All Risk Policy, Entertainment Package, Inland Marine Coverage, Hired In Equipment, Business Personal Property of Others, Third Party Property, Rented Production Equipment or Rented/Leased Equipment.

The “Unattended Vehicle Theft Exclusion” will not be accepted. Confirm with your insurance provider that you will be covered in the event that equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged while in an unattended vehicle. Certificate must include the coverage limits and deductible for rented equipment.







Damage waiver purchased from Desired Effect for unintentional damage to the rented equipment during the rental period. The determination of whether damage is unintentional and not abuse is at the sole discretion of Desired Effect. In the event of damage covered by a damage waiver, the client will pay Desired Effect a deductible amounting to 20% of the value of an item in similar condition to the equipment rented. A damage waiver does not cover lost or stolen items, nor does a damage waiver cover water damage, as that is considered to fall under the category of client negligence.

Please have your insurance broker send a copy of the certificate to:

ATTN: Risk Management
Desired Effect
PO Box 1542
Lafayette, CA 94549

Example Acord form: