Cryo Jet Swing DMX CO2 Jet

Cryo Jet Swing ImageCryoFX CO2 Swing Jet will put movement in any production with its 180 degree range of effect output. Using a standard DMX 512 controller, you can maneuver the nozzle back and forth up to 180 degrees while releasing CO2 Clouds creating as much as a “Half Circle” of CO2 and only utilizing 2 channels on the DMX controller (1 channel for on/off of CO2 and 1 channel for movement of “swinging” nozzle)! With the ability to control the movement of the nozzle and the CO2 on/off separately, you have the option to spray CO2 in any direction, side to side, you desire. d.

Le Maitre G300 Mk II Fog Machine

The G300 is the most technologically advanced dual purpose machine available. It generates very large volumes of thick white smoke and is capable of continuous output.

It combines a high powered smoke generator with a water based hazer. The operator can select either function, by simply changing the mode on the digital display and the type of fluid used.

Martin Jem ZR24/7 Hazer

The rugged ZR 24/7 is a high precision, continuously operating DMX haze generator capable of delivering an optically translucent canvas of light-enhancing haze for long periods. The first in a new range of professional hazers from Jem, the ZR 24/7 uses the latest in reliable digital PCB technology.