It all started with a glass gobo…

…followed by the desire for good quality equipment; add a black wardrobe and copious amounts of coffee and a company is born.  

In the beginning1238520117000_107363

In 2004, still in high school, Lyle was lighting designing Our Town and dreamed bigger than a high school budget would allow. When he realized his school could not provide all the equipment that was necessary, he had an idea. Lyle bought the gobos he needed and thus, Desired Effect (then called BOW Productions) was born.


That first gobo led to a vast array of theatrical equipment to serve every need your production has. By purchasing whatever was needed for the specific production he was working on at the time, Desired Effect grew quickly. First one garage was filled until it was overflowing, then two, then a public storage space, then an even larger public storage space.

Now (Still Growing)

Having helped clients find the desired effect for hundreds of different shows and events, Desired Effect is now a full service theatrical production company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer equipment rental in Lighting, Sound and Special Effects as well as full service design and custom special effects. Together with our clients, we’ve created undersea worlds full of bubbles and smoke, light up wireless pinball machines, pirate ships made of stars and more! We have everything needed to turn an empty room into a full theatrical space, or just what you need to add one special effect to a show you have already planned. If you’re in the process of planning a show, contact us. We can help with lighting, sound and special effects, as well as full service design, staffing and custom special effects.

Environmentally Friendly

Desired Effect is making theatre and events more environmentally friendly while continuing to be rock solid reliable.  All rental packages now include rechargeable batteries for no additional charge.   Our re-chargable systems are also available to rent for your systems for less than the cost of consumable Alkaline batteries.